Festooning Fruit Trees

Festooning is a method of bending down the branches of fruit trees in order to induce fruiting rather than additional leaf growth. As opposed to pruning, which stimulates more green growth, festooning fruit trees allows for a tree to be spread out lower to the ground and harvested easily. We recently carried it out on

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Plum Rootstocks

Rootstocks for plums etc has been changing over the last few years with introductions like PIXY and VVA1 and Torinel. People often ask us – which is the best rootstock for plums? Our answer is that we’ve been growing plums for many years on St Julien A rootstock and still regard it as one of

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When to Pick Pears?

There’s nothing quite like a ripe pear- it’s probably my favourite fruit. But pears here in the UK(and Europe) never fully ripen on the tree but need finishing after picking. Picked too early and it will never ripen and pick too late it may become overripe. There are 2 signs when a pear is ready-

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Apple Codling Moth

Codling moth is a grub that bores into the flesh of apples(and pears) as it develops. Its not instantly obvious unless you’ve cut into an apple only to find the codling moth larvae, a small white caterpillar, burrowing away. It really spoils the enjoyment! But look closely and there will be a small discoloured hole

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bacterial canker on stem

If your fruit tree (which is grown on a plum or cherry rootstock) suddenly dies it may be caused by BACTERIAL CANKER. Sometimes a plum, cherry or apricot tree just fails to come into leaf in spring and all that can be seen is an oozing amber-coloured gum from the base of the tree- see

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