Form & Size

Form Guide

All our trees are bare root unless marked as pot grown.

These are examples of the type and size tree you’ll receive when you order from us.


2 Tier Espalier

Fan Trained


Half Standard


Selection Guide

Pollination: Unless a tree is self fertile it will require a pollination partner in order to fruit. All tree fruits are divided into flowering groups, ie varieties that flower at the same time fall into the same group. A variety from group 2 will cross with any other variety from group 2 and also any variety from adjacent groups 1 and 3.  This is the same for all the flowering groups. Some trees are triploids, which means that they are no use as a pollinator and require 2 compatible varieties  that pollinate each other. Pollination can seem like a complicated subject but it is not as much of a worry as people think, most people are likely to have good pollination in their garden due to the close proximity of other gardens.

Rootstocks: Fruit trees are grown on a range of different rootstocks which control the vigour of the tree and therefore we can tell approximately how tall a tree will be when it reaches maturity.


Size Guide

Very Dwarf

2 metres (6 feet)


2.5 metres (6-8 feet)

Semi Dwarf

3 metres (8-10 feet)

Semi Vigorous

4 metres (12-15 feet)

 Fruit  Rootstock Fruit Rootstock Fruit Rootstock Fruit Rootstock
 Apple Bush M9 Pear Quince C Apple Bush M26 Apple Bush MM106
 Plum VVA1 Plum Pixy Pear Quince A
Plum St Julien A
Cherry Colt
The bare root season has now ended. Any bare root orders placed now will not be despatched until the 1st of November. Questions?See our FAQs