Pruning fans

Fan Trained Trees (Plums, and all other stone fruits)

  • All stone fruits produce fruit on 1 and 2-year wood and will not on older wood (3 years plus) so the key to ensure success is to keep tying in young stems which will produce fruit in the coming years. The following is a simplified version of fan training that will ensure fruiting.

Pruning after planting

  • Shorten all stems by 1/3 to 1/2 trying to retain the fan shape.

This must be carried out to promote new strong growth. If not pruned weak growth will occur and the tree may not succeed.

  • Tie all fan stems onto to fence or supports forming the framework of your fan tree. Ideally use canes for the frame on which to tie to.

Summer and subsequent pruning

  • Providing the initial winter prune was carried out strong growth should occur during spring and early summer.
  • In August / September tie in all the new long shoots (branch leaders) where possible to your gaps in your fan tree (these stems will be the fruiting wood for next year).
  • Also any branch leaders can also be reduced in length by 1/3 to promote strong growth the following year
  • Any shoots not required for branch leaders can be pinched/ pruned back to 4-5 inches.
This process can be repeated annually
Pruning fans
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