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Bare Root Trees- Form & Size Guide

All our trees are bare root unless marked as pot grown. These are examples of the form and size of tree you’ll receive when you order from us. Please note that they may differ dependent on the characteristics of the individual variety.



Selection Guide

Pollination: Unless a tree is self fertile it will require a pollination partner in order to fruit. All tree fruits are divided into flowering groups, ie varieties that flower at the same time fall into the same group. A variety from group 2 will cross with any other variety from group 2 and also any variety from adjacent groups 1 and 3.  This is the same for all the flowering groups. Some trees are triploids, which means that they are no use as a pollinator and require 2 compatible varieties  that pollinate each other. Pollination can seem like a complicated subject but it is not as much of a worry as people think, most people are likely to have good pollination in their garden due to the close proximity of other gardens.

Rootstocks: Fruit trees are grown on a range of different rootstocks which control the vigour of the tree and therefore we can tell approximately how tall a tree will be when it reaches maturity.


Size Guide

Very Dwarf

2 metres (6 feet)


2.5 metres (6-8 feet)

Semi Dwarf

3 metres (8-10 feet)

Semi Vigorous

4 metres (12-15 feet)

 Fruit  Rootstock Fruit Rootstock Fruit Rootstock Fruit Rootstock
 Apple Bush M9 Pear Quince C Apple Bush M26 Apple Bush MM106
 Plum VVA1 Plum Pixy Pear Quince A
Plum St Julien A
Cherry Colt